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1) Slow Adjective


Not moving quickly; taking a comparatively long time.

You are too slow.
A slow walker.+ More

2) Slow VerbDecelerate, Retard, Slow Down, Slow Up

धीमा होना

Lose velocity; move more slowly.

The car decelerated.

3) Slow AdverbEasy, Slowly, Tardily

हल्के हल्के

Without speed (`slow` is sometimes used informally for `slowly`).

He spoke slowly.
Go easy here--the road is slippery.+ More

4) Slow Dense, Dim, Dull, Dumb, Obtuse


Slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity.

A dull student.
So dense he never understands anything I say to him.+ More

5) Slow Boring, Deadening, Dull, Ho-Hum, Irksome, Tedious, Tiresome, Wearisome


So lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness.

A ho-hum wife.
Tedious days on the train.+ More

6) Slow Dull, Sluggish


(of business) not active or brisk.

Business is dull (or slow).
A sluggish market.

See Also

Sluggish, Sulky - moving slowly.

Gradual - proceeding in small stages.

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